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Common Player Complaints about Online Casinos

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Playing at the best online casinos is fun. These casinos are stylish, offer huge bonuses and are safe to play. But that’s until the delays and technical issues start happening.

Believe it or not, some online casino players end up getting frustrated leaving the site altogether.

So what are some of these internet gambling complaints that gamers encounter on a daily basis? Is there anything you can do to avoid these scenarios? Keep reading to learn!

Most common complaints about online casinos

Account suspension

Have you ever woken up to receive an account suspension email from your trusted casino? Yeah, it can be frustrating! The fact is that online casinos can suspend player accounts for several reasons. It can be something logical, like not completing the KYC process for flimsy excuses like using foul language in the live dealer room.


Late payments

Any serious player would like to withdraw their online casino winnings as soon as possible. After all, the casino can suspend your account with everything in it whenever they feel like it. Often dishonest casinos drag their feet in making payouts or even fail to make payouts. Remember that once the casino has your funds, they have full control of them.


Self-exclusion is a standard player protection policy allowed at reputable online casinos like Casino National . In this case, the player can write to their casino, explaining that they wish to take a sabbatical from all gambling activities. This can help combat problem gambling.

But unfortunately, some casinos will continue to send promotional newsletters to players and even allow them to access their gaming account.

Unsatisfactory support

If you ask any online casino player to rate the support they receive from their gambling site, most of them will even give a rating of 1/5. So what’s going on? Some reputable casinos have huge player inquiries with responses taking over 24 hours.

While live chat has helped tremendously in this regard, you might find yourself talking to a bot or queuing longer than expected. And in the worst case, the toll numbers don’t even pass.

Software errors

The famous “software error” is a common complaint among online casino players. In fact, this is the main reason why some players think casino games are rigged.

For example, your favorite slot machine may be interrupted just as you are about to trigger free spins. Or, the casino may simply refuse to pay out your jackpot win, citing a technical issue with the game. Sad indeed!

Connectivity failure

It’s kind of a series of software errors. Many live casino players complain about connections being turned on and off during the game. Of course, this can prevent you from enjoying a high paying opportunity. Also, the game may crash when you use bonus money to play it.

Avoiding These Internet Gambling Complaints

Online casino license

If you have encountered any of the issues mentioned above, chances are you have been playing at a rogue casino. Licensed online casinos operate under strict rules and codes of conduct, as established by the regulatory authority. So make sure the casino is accredited by your local gaming authority or an international body like the UKGC, MGA or the Swedish Gaming Authority.

Game testing is key

Another critical factor to consider is whether an independent body has tested the games available. Organizations like iTech Labs, Gaming Associates, and eCOGRA will only endorse games that have passed fairness and transparency tests. This way, you can remove any doubts about the annoying “software error” problem.

Understand the terms and conditions

Most players would complain about the casino before they even read the terms and conditions page. But what these gamers don’t know is that that lackluster-looking page can be the deciding factor when the going gets tough. Most reputable casinos will clearly state account suspension terms, payout limits, etc. on this page. So please read it carefully before you complain.

Device and internet connection

You don’t expect a smooth online casino experience with a 3G or 2G network, do you? Game development technology has improved and the size of game files to download and stream has also increased. So, at the bare minimum, use 4G to play online casino games. But if you can get Wi-Fi or a 5G phone, the better.

To research!

This one drops again at your doorstep. You won’t have anyone to blame if you join an online casino with the worst reputation. So do your homework by reading detailed online casino reviews. Additionally, there are plenty of community forums where you can learn a thing or six about player experiences at your favorite gaming site. It is serious!

My post after 3 years of online games

I have been playing online casinos for 3 years, mainly on slot machines. I lost a total of just over 20,000 euros!

You should know that the strategy of these scammers to make you addicted is the same: make you win at the beginning to lure you and then you will deposit and re-deposit but strangely, the behavior of the machines has changed.

They spin in a vacuum… do nothing and you encounter disconnections frequently.

I am aware that my way of gambling is compulsive but I also denounce the hypocrisy of the gaming regulatory authorities.

These casinos all have licenses abroad (in Curacao in general) and are not supposed to be authorized to operate in Europe….but this is not the case, they have continued to defraud people for years.

I contacted BeGambleAware: they sent an email to some casinos to close my account.

But that’s useless because other casinos are springing up every day…so you still have the option to play anyway.

I contacted the govenment to report these scams: I’m waiting to see.

I am ready to file a complaint against these scammers because I see that no one has ever done so since their licenses are abroad… therefore untouchable.

It is imperative that these thieves be banned, that they stop causing depression, ruin and suicide.

Those are the answers I got to my post


For having been addicted (online poker) at one time, I thought the same when I took stock, that the site was rigged, that they had made me win to take everything back from me. But with hindsight, it is most likely a cognitive bias.

A lot of players think it’s rigged. But, the casino always wins in the end because it has the odds in its favor. No need to fake anything.

Afterwards I have heard many stories about “mafia” online casinos that refuse to pay out winnings.

Looking back, I don’t see the point of allowing online casinos. You completely lose the social aspect of the casino and it is much easier to lose your footing at home either in front of your computer than in a real casino.



I think Emily has perfectly summed up how online casinos work.

I have been playing for about 10 years in casinos between 15,000 and 20,000 € in losses, actually big winnings when opening an account and then nothing more, the machines run in a vacuum.

I am not talking about the number of emails from casinos that I have received and that I still receive messages and regular phone calls to get back to us.

Sometimes you can make a big win and suddenly the machine jumps for no reason I have often received an error message to refresh the page and the winnings disappear as if by magic are no longer there you can also play while disconnected the machines spin again in a vacuum.

Withdrawals often take a long time to be credited to the bank account so often we replay then the bonuses offered are generally to bet 20,000 times.

At the beginning I too thought as Emily said that my brain misinterpreted things today I know that this is no longer the case moreover a former casino support agent published a guide explaining all the techniques used by online casinos to make their players addicted it’s good that it’s not just a cognitive bias by going to several forums and watching several videos we are not the only ones to have noticed these elements I’m not talking about those who were downright debited against their will.

So of course the casino is always a winner whether it’s online or real, it’s obvious you also have to take into account the fact that the technology is not always up to date, that’s the risk to be taken when playing online.

But I am talking about the techniques used to make players addicted to having sometimes played in real casinos I have never received an email or a call or a message on my phone from casinos to offer me bonuses from the casino real does not remain open continuously for a moment players are forced to stop regardless of the losses and gains online you can play as much as you want I find that the operation of the machines does not

So much for my experience on casinos a board obviously do not play you will always lose with any game elsewhere.

The problem is the protection of players for most games of chance regulated, you can be banned from gambling, whether it be sports and horse betting, real casinos, you can be banned from gambling fairly quickly.

For online casinos it is not the case you can close an account it is useless on many casinos I managed to reopen my accounts when I had requested the permanent closure.

Then new casinos were created again and again there will always be a casino on which we can play again I must have played on 40 or 50 different casinos in 10 years if not more there are no regulations they are not not subject to local laws often based in Curacao, Cyprus where I don’t know where and we delivered ourselves I see so many people complaining and suffering from this problem of online games that I still can’t understand how they still manage to practice.

Why nothing has been done what is expected of depressions suicides one after the other what is needed to get things moving.

I am for the permanent closure of these online casinos impossibility of playing for local residents we have enough games sports betting online poker, real casinos, and so on so I think there is enough games for those who would like to play, but the online casino must absolutely be banned for all of them, so some will say “we are going to penalize everyone for a minority of addictions who cannot control themselves” and well yes there are more of us than you think it can happen to everyone your parents, your children, your brothers your sisters husbands, wives, aunts, uncles friends it’s clear no solidarity is important and the unity is strength, especially since, as I said above, there are enough games of chance.

I also don’t understand how the players didn’t revolt when I see the number of forums denouncing this problem why important petitions weren’t created why we can’t get together I thought many times to lodge a complaint but against whom the casinos or the State which does not protect us.

It would take a gathering of players on a page, a blog I don’t know with petitions to BAN online casinos what to do??? Let’s help

If you have come this far that you have read my post entirely THANK YOU

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