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The Best Lineup Optimizer in the DFS Universe

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The NBA is as unpredictable as ever, making DFS lineup building more difficult than in any other fantasy sport. When you employ the same imagined resources as everyone else, it’s nearly impossible to get an advantage.

FTA is here to assist you in achieving success in your NBA DFS season. Thousands of subscribers have used our one-of-a-kind NBA optimizer on DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and other major platforms since 2014.

The DFS NBA lineup optimizer is one of the best available, thanks to live updating forecasts that enable it design meaningful lineups for your Draftkings, Fanduel, or Yahoo games.

Stacking, exposure, core players, locks, excludes, and other DFS strategies are all supported by the FTA NBA optimizer. Constantly updated projections assist you in quickly putting up the most relevant lineups from top to bottom.


While the rest of the DFS industry relies on public or free optimizers, the DFS NBA lineup generator was created with the FTA community in mind.

You’ll be able to create unique created lineups by editing or uploading your own custom projections, stacking games, and setting exposures on each player.

What structures help to make the FTA 2021 NBA Optimizer the finest around?

NBA Team Lineup Maker

FTA’s NBA advanced lineup optimizer for 2021 incorporates elements that no other DFS provider offers:

  • Various Lineups
  • Every day, you may construct over 150 DFS lineups with the amazing optimizer.
  • Projections and Values that are Up-to-Date
  • Get a clear view of a player’s expected performance and worth, which is updated in real time throughout the day.
  • Statistical Modeling at Its Finest
  • To gain a sharper, more complete picture of what to expect from each player, use advanced data.
  • Discussion in the Community
  • Get trustworthy insider information by interacting with NBA specialists.
  • Support for a variety of game types
  • Create winning core plays for cash games, GPPs, double-ups, and head-to-head competitions.

Optimizers for specific platforms

On DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo!, and other major bookmakers, create winning lineups.

For Today’s Fantasy Community, State-of-the-Art Optimization

When it comes to choosing the greatest NBA optimizer, a community makes a huge difference.

DFS gamers are the most invested in fantasy sports, and no DFS sport compares to NBA basketball in terms of passion and enthusiasm. NBA DFS gamers demand a NBA Fanduel optimizerthat is as involved as they are.

FTA goes above and above to create the DFS optimizer that users demand. A DFS site can help you figure out what kind of experience they seek.They built the tools they appreciate the most and have maintained them functioning for almost seven years with regular upgrades and care.

What’s the end result? An advanced lineup optimizer that reflects the NBA DFS community’s dedication.

It covers every important game-day metric and is completely customisable to your tastes and game configuration. It also works across all major platforms, including DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and other popular gaming apps.

NBA Optimizer is convinced that it is worth considerably more than the subscription fees you will be charged.You might earn enough to cover the investment sooner than you think with professional analysis, detailed rankings and estimates, and frequent updates!

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