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How You Can Increase the Longevity of Your CarHow You Can Increase the Longevity of Your Car

by Hazal
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Car is no doubt one of the expensive elements that you get to improve the quality of your life. But as it is a depreciating asset, many car owners worry about losing the value of their car. 

If you are also worried, don’t be anymore. There are many simple and effective ways that will help you to make your car last longer and give you a comfortable ride every time you take it out.

Want to learn more? Let’s read on to explore more in this blog:

Inspect the Engine Oil 

The engine is like a heart in your car, and all the fluids work like blood. The better and more efficient the engine will be, the more comfort you will get on the road.


It is true that no car owner will want to experience an engine failure while going out. So, to prevent such situations, it is advised to invest a little time to inspect the engine oil. This will keep the engine lubricated and prevent it from overheating.

You can check the duration of changing the engine oil from your owner’s manual and keep the engine in the best possible health.

Change the Air Filters 

The air filters handle one of the major jobs, and that is keeping the debris from entering the engine. By changing the air filters or cleaning them, you cannot only keep the engine working well but boost the gas mileage as well.

To protect your car from any damage and debris, invest your time in checking and changing the air filters every time you go for an oil change. You can also replace the air filters according to the damage and distance.

For example, if you have driven your car around 15000 to 30,000 miles, it is the ideal distance to get them replaced.

Keep the Tank At Least Half-Full 

Gas is indeed expensive. But filling it to the top can hurt your car in many ways. Wondering how? 

If you have a modern car, the fuel pump is mounted inside the gas tank. The pump requires a consistent flow of fuel to be lubricated to keep itself cool. 

But if you drive around an empty pump, it will be filled with air and can cause overheating. This can lead to a failure. To prevent this, try to keep your car at least half full to ensure a smooth ride on the road.

Pay Attention to Tyres 

 The tyres are the essential part of your car, offering the right balance and smoothness on the road. To keep them safe and functional, you need to maintain your tyres and offer them preventative maintenance.

You can take your tyres to the auto mechanics or can check their pressure all by yourself to maintain their functionality and save money from replacing them.

Schedule Tire Rotation

As you want to increase the lifespan of your car, you can consider increasing the longevity of your tyres by rotating after every 70000 miles or as mentioned in your owner’s manual.

Doing so will help you to prevent major damage and let the tires wear out equally.

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