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Video SEO: 6 Steps to Optimize YouTube Videos

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Video SEO is continuously evolving, and staying up to date with optimizing best practices is vital. Find out six steps to optimize videos today.

Video SEO has evolved dramatically in the past few decades.

If you’re following this advice given by a YouTube optimization expert offered at a conference for the industry in 2008 or the suggestion that a YouTube expert wrote in 2015 – you might be experiencing a lack of performance.

Today YouTube’s algorithm attempts to match every viewer with the video or is most likely to view and appreciate.


With over 500 hours of video content uploaded each minute, that’s quite an undertaking.

In this post, you’ll find out how YouTube’s algorithm is designed, and you’ll find practical tips on the best video SEO practices to provide you with step-by-step instructions for optimizing your video. Let’s dig in with GoViral.


What’s the way YouTube’s Search Algorithm Work, Anyway?

YouTube’s search and discover systems take on the Herculean job by drilling through hundreds of videos to determine valuable and valuable results for a user’s search inquiry.

The YouTube algorithm follows the audience and “follows the audience” by taking note of things like:

  • What they do is what they do.
  • What they don’t like to watch.
  • How long they are watching.
  • They have their likes as well as their dislikes.
  • “Not interested” feedback.

Stop using the techniques tools and techniques you’ve learned in the past and become up-to-date on how YouTube’s search and discovery system functions today.

You can then use the following steps to improve your video.


1. YouTube Search

Like Google’s search engine YouTube’s search on YouTube will attempt to present more relevant outcomes by the keywords you type in.

Videos are rated according to various variables, such as how the description, title, and video content corresponding to the viewer’s search.

In addition, YouTube looks at which videos have had the highest engagement and engagement in response to a specific question.

In the same way, YouTube Search results are not an exhaustive list of the most viewed videos that are relevant to the search.


2. Suggested videos

Suggested videos are a customized selection of films that a person may be interested in seeing the next time, based on their previous activities.

Viewers will show the videos in the upper right of the page for watching under Nextto the video in the mobile app and as the following video to autoplay.

Research conducted by YouTube has revealed that users tend to view longer videos when they view recommendations from various channels. That’s why Suggested Video does. The proposals are ranked to increase engagement for the user.

3. Titles and Thumbnails

Titles and thumbnails are typically the first things viewers can see when they browse YouTube.

They assist viewers in deciding whether to view your videos and create anticipation if they accurately portray the content of your video.

If your viewers click on your video and then go through it, it will let YouTube know that they are satisfied with your content.

But, if your thumbnails or titles do not deliver on the promises about what’s in the video, viewers are likely to leave the site quickly. This may limit your reach on YouTube.

The longer you keep viewers on YouTube due to your content, your content can be seen often.

Here are some helpful tips to improve the quality of your titles:

  • Make titles that entice interest, but make sure to contain keywords.
  • Keep titles brief (60 characters) with the most critical information first.
  • Save the episode numbers and brand toward the close of the episode.
  • Verify that your titles aren’t separated in videos that suggest you watch or search results. Also, check your mobile.

Thumbnails are often the first thing that viewers will are presented with when they come across the video, and 90 percent of the top-performing videos on YouTube come with customized thumbnails.

4. Descriptions and Hashtags and descriptions

The description field is highly beneficial in helping viewers find information, understand, and decide whether they’d like to view your videos.

Think of the description in terms of two components – what viewers will see before clicking to show More and what they will see following.

Here are some suggestions to optimize your descriptions

  • Please make surethat each video is accompanied by an individual description which allows it to be found by searching and will enable it to distinguish itself from other videos.
  • Start with the first few lines of text to describe the purpose of the video by using search-friendly keywords and natural language.
  • Make use of the remaining text (what appears after users hit “show more”) to provide 300-2,000 characters of additional details like your channel’s content and social and other links.

5. Home

Home is the first thing viewers see when they go to or download YouTube’s YouTube app.

They have the “personal primetime” destination; it’s a place where you will find the most pertinent, customized advice.

This is also an excellent platform where non-subscribers will discover your content.

Over 200 million video clips are shown on Home every day to millions of viewers across the globe.

If a user goes to the Home page, YouTube displays videos as part of their subscriptions, watched by other viewers, and brand new ones.

The choice of videos is determined by:

  • Performance What is the extent to which the video is engaging and pleases viewers who are similar to it and other viewers and other factors.
  • The tracker’s watch history and search history: How often viewers watch an individual channel or topic, and how often YouTube has shown each video to the viewers.
  • Here is more information about it. If you want to learn more then visit here.

6. Shorts

As I described In YouTube Shorts, An Introduction Guide, viewers can find your Shorts by clicking Shorts on the lower right-hand side of YouTube’s YouTube app.

This is among the advantages of making short-form videos between 60 and 90 seconds long.

Viewers can also watch shorts

  • On YouTube’s homepage. YouTube homepage.
  • In their notices.
  • Check their subscriptions.
  • Your channel’s page will be featured on Learn how to personalize the layout of your track.

After they have tapped into the Short video, viewers can scroll down to view more short videos.

It is also recommended to include #Shorts in the short video’s description or title to allow YouTube’s system to recommend your Shorts to other users on YouTube.

Since shorts are short, what does this mean for the duration of a video’s viewing and engagement?


The YouTube discovery system utilizes absolute and relative time to determine the engagement level and encourages creators to follow the same model.

The bottom line is that YouTube will want both long and short videos to succeed. Therefore, they advise you to make your videos at the correct length based on the content.

Let me conclude my post. The way that video SEO is optimized has changed drastically over time. Utilize these 6 steps to optimize your videos for search and discovery earlier rather than later.

In reality, if the information in this column contained a “best if used by date,” it is the present.

For instance, eMarketer forecasts that 130.8 million YouTube viewers in the U.S. (57.7% of the total viewers in this nation) will be watching the platform’s content via connected television (CTV) devices by 2022, a rise of over 113.1 million viewers and 52.8 percent in 2020.

It was clear that YouTube viewers were shifting to television screens as their device of choice to view content. This trend saw significant growth before and during the peak that the epidemic was at its peak.

However, I didn’t know that over half of YouTube users in the U.S. already watch on a CTV device.

I’ve recently tried a YouTube search using my CTV, and it took me a very long time to use the TV’s clicker to press each letter of my search phrase.

Perhaps the integration of search with a voice could allow this to be done shortly. Maybe, getting discovered by YouTube’s Home page and Suggested Videos and Related topics will render YouTube Search a relic of the past.

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